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NefeshbeNefesh in Krinitzi Home

An educational and exiting event for young Olim was held at "Krinitzi Home" museum on Tuesday 11.11.14. The event was the result of a collaboration between the Ramat-Gan city Olim Department, the museum and the NefeshbeNefesh organization. 

The event was held in the house of Ramat-Gan's first mayor, Avraham Krinitzi and included the tour of the house and a nightly walk to Avraham's Garden, a garden close to the place where IDF was announced and established. The walk was under the city moonlight and the light of old-fashioned lamps that were given to the group by the museum guides. 

The young Olim learned about the history of Ramat-Gan and its central role in the independence war. They also learned about the process of establishing the Israeli army and the special relationship between the city of Ramat-Gan and the army paratroopers. 

At the end of the tour, the group returned to the Krinitzi house museum and were offered a real Israeli "Hafla" where they made their own pitta on a stove outside and had hummus and other Israeli food. Most of all the Olim got a chance to meet each other and create new connections. 

The Olim Department thanks all the participants, the lovely museum staff, NefeshbeNefesh and of course the amazing group of Olim who came! 

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