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License Reform

Dear All, 

Today, August 13th, an update of the current regulations have been published in regards to the license reform. 

Following the professional discussion that I held today with those responsible for cars and driving – the following are the main points. 

This document details the main changes: 


Regulation 173 – the validity of a license for all foreigners (that are not citizens) has been extended from 3 years to 5 years. 


Regulation 196(b)(1) – canceled – this means that the obligation of eye examinations for a person 40 or older has been canceled for license renewal!!!  


Regulation 216, after subsection (c), a new subsection will be added (c)(1) as follows – “Notwithstanding the provisions of this regulation, an applicant who has a current permanent foreign driver’s license of at least 5 years, they are equal to one of the levels listed in regulations 176-178, 

(1)   Exemption from an eye exam as stated in sub-regulation (a)(3) 

(2)   Exemption from a driver’s exam as stated in sub-regulation (a)(4) 

I would like to comment here on the change in regulation 216 as it effectively cancels the majority of conversion tests.  

From now on, a new immigrant, a returning resident, anyone who appears in the system as a registered foreigner, including foreign workers who wishes to change his license to an Israeli license and has a license from his country of origin with at least 5 years of experience – he will receive an Israeli license without exams.  

This change only applies to persons holding a T, A, or B type license. 

A person who does not hold this level of license as detailed above and/or has less than 5 years of driving in his country of origin – they must complete the standard procedure of a conversion test.  

Additional point – when converting a license – an eye exam and medical exam are not required unless a person is over the age of 70, where a medical exam will be required, as is the law for an Israeli citizen.  

On a practical level: 

1)     The only document that we are required to request from the applicant is a valid driver’s license from the country of origin and to ensure that it is more than 5 years old. 

2)     Before the license in converted, the applicant must go to a photography station for the issuing of a license in order for his picture to be in the database of plastic license (permanent license). 

3)      For those that are foreign workers that receive a 5 year license, their license will remain on paper only and the license will be marked “valid only with valid visa. 


Efi Rozen 

Director of Licensing Division 

Department of Transportation 

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