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Overview of the Ramat Gan Education System

In Ramat-Gan, the public education system is broken into 3 stages - Gan (ages 3-6), Elementary School (grades 1-8), and High School (grades 9-12). The religious public system differs slightly - Gan (ages 3-6), Elementary School (grades 1-6), and High School (grades 7-12)

Gan is based on age group/birth year and location. Gan has three different levels - Trom Trom (nursery), Trom Chova (pre-K), and Chova (kindergarten). The Municipality operates over 204 kindergartens, including public, religious, special education, and multicultural.

Elementary schools in Ramat-Gan are divided into clusters (Eshkolim). Seven clusters are based on neighborhood, two clusters are for religious education (public religious and semi-public religious), and one cluster of speciality non-regional schools (Waldorf and Montessori). In each cluster are 2-5 school options, totalling in 28 public/semi-public elementary schools in Ramat Gan.

High School is based on a few different factors – the personality of your child, topics of interests, impact of class/school size, academic strengths/weaknesses, geographical location, and so forth. We have 6 public secular high schools in Ramat-Gan, ranging in size and topics. The two largest high schools, Blich and Ohel Shem, are located in the most northern and southern points of the city, the remaining 4 are spread throughout the city center. Additionally, the city hosts 2 religious public High Schools for boys and 1 religious High School for girls. Ramat-Gan also is home to a Waldorf Education High School.

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