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Lone Soldiers

The organization “Yachad LeMa’an HaChayal” runs a network of hostels for soldiers from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona called Beit HaChayal.

Ramat-Gan is home to two Beit HaChayals - one is located in the City Center (HaRoe 8) and the second one borders the Yarkon Park in the North of the city (Rokach 121).

Lone Soldiers can stay at a Beit Hachayal for up to 3 months before they draft and up to 3 months after they get released from the IDF for free.

The Beit Hachayal offers breakfast, dinner and two hot meals on Shabbat (certain locations even offer a lunch option).

Beit HaChayal Ramat Gan (HaRoe 8) - Tel: 072-2702283, Email:

Website: (Hebrew)

Beit HaChayal Kalimian (Rokach 121) - Tel: 072-2702278/9, Email:


“Yachad LeMa’an HaChayal” also offers apartments for Lone Soldiers as part of their project “Bayit Cham L’Chayalim Bodedim” (A Warm Home for Lone Soldiers).

The project maintains 100+ apartments all over Israel, including Ramat-Gan, where lone soldiers can live on a permanent basis. The Soldiers living in these apartments are assisted by professional staff of the "Bayit Cham" project that helps them with everything they need.

Speak to your Mashakit Tash (army social worker) in your military unit for more details on these apartments.

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