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High School

Ramat-Gan is home to 10 high schools: 6 public secular, 3 religious, and 1 Waldorf. Each High School offers an array of options Megamot (specializations/majors), from arts to robotics to tourism.

The Ramat-Gan Olim Department has a High School Education Coordinator who assists teenagers and parents in understanding and acclimating to the Israeli school system.

The Coordinator provides educational guidance, cooperation and collaboration with the school staff and administration for smooth transitions, advocacy and translation for families, and more. The Coordinator puts a special emphasis on creating a clear working relationship between parents and the educational system in schools.

The High School Education Coordinator helps in providing the following:

  • Information on the various High School in Ramat-Gan and their Megamot
  • Registration and selection process
  • Understanding rights and benefits for the Bagrut Exams (National Exams that take place from 10-12 grade)
  • Creation of unique programming to assist Hebrew language acquisition and social integration
  • Lectures and workshops for teens and parents on post-High School options such as Army, National Service, or academic studies
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