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Elementary/Middle School

Ramat Gan hosts 28 public/semi-public elementary schools. One of the unique things about the Ramat Gan Elementary School system is that each school has a unique theme, enriching the standard Ministry of Education curriculum.

The Ramat Gan Olim Department has an Elementary School Education Coordinator to assist families with transitioning their children into the Israeli school system.

The Coordinator provides educational guidance, cooperation and collaboration with the school staff and administration for smooth transitions, advocacy and translation for families, and more. The Coordinator puts a special emphasis on creating a clear working relationship between parents and the educational system in schools.

The Elementary Education Coordinator helps in providing the following:

  • Information about the education system in Ramat Gan and the school options in each region
  • Registration process to Elementary School
  • Creation of unique programming to assist Hebrew language acquisition and adjustment to the Israeli school system
  • A network of volunteers to provide Hebrew studies and social assistance
  • A variety of lectures about stages of child development, Israeli Education system, multiculturalism and more.
  • Assistance in finding psychological/ psycho-didactic services for students in need of psycho-educational services
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