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About Us

The Ramat-Gan Olim Department offers a variety of services for new immigrants and for returning citizens to allow optimal acclimatization to Israel. Whether it is assisting children from kindergarten through high school with formal and informal education, organizing workshops for families and adults, and organizing a range of social and cultural events. We provide Hebrew language studies, information and accompaniment services to immigrants of all ages according to their needs, workshops on employment, after school activities, and more.

The Department has two teams to help achieve these goals. One is the education team – they work together with families on integrating into the formal education system in Israel. Additionally, they develop and provide after school activities for youth to assist them in their integration. The second team is that of Post-Aliyah – this team provides assistance to new Olim in regards to bureaucratic office processes, understanding rights, employment consultations, workshops, events, and the such in order to ease the immigration transition.

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