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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the great Aliyah

A short film to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the great Aliyah from the former Soviet Union 

To honor the 25th anniversary of Aliyah from the former Soviet Union countries to Ramat Gan, the Olim Department produced a short film that tells the stories of individuals and families that decided to make the city their home. The celebratory premier was held during a municipal event to honor the anniversary.  

On 21.06.15 the Ramat Gan municipality held a special event for immigrants celebrating 25 years in Ramat Gan. The event hosted 600 participants that enjoyed a musical show and an art fair that presented works of art, books and more.  

The event was produced by the Olim Department and was the result of collaboration between the Department and the Ministry of Absorption. The list of honorary participants included the city Mayor- Mr. Israel Zinger, Head of the Education in the city - Mrs. Dalia Lin, city management stuff, representatives of the Ministry of Absorption, Head of District in the Ministry of Absorption - Mr. Nehamya Hatuka, representatives of the Ministry of Education, IDF representatives and more.  

Ramat Gan Municipality absorbed from 1990 over 20,000 immigrants, 17,000 immigrants from the former Soviet Union.  



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