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Grades 1-12

The Olim department employs professional educational coordinators for primary and high school ages who provide help and accompaniment to new immigrant children in all stages of absorption. The goal of the educational coordinators is to create optimal conditions for student's acclimatization in primary and high schools

The department provides support for the needs of immigrant children, for children of immigrants that were born in Israel and for their families, and returning citizens and their families. The support includes educational consultation, cooperation with school staff and administration, and accompaniment of families and children in social and cultural integration. The coordinators put special emphasis on creating a clear working relationship between parents and the educational system in schools.

The educational counselor helps in providing the following:

  • information about the education system to the children and their parents
  • On-going groups for immigrant parents that address parenting adolescent immigrant children, bilingual education, army preparation, acquaintance with youth movements and more.
  • Youth groups for adolescents during both, school hours, and afternoons. The groups empower students socially and emotionally at the most crucial stages of acclimatization.
  • University students volunteer during school hours and during the afternoons by providing academic and social assistance to new immigrant children.
  • Hebrew study centers - The centers run three times a week. 40 teachers provide assistance in Hebrew studies during school hours.
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