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Pre-K and Kindergarten

The Ramat- Gan Municipality operates over 204 kindergartens, including public, religious, special needs, and private facilities.

New immigrants and returning citizens may use the help offered by the Aliyah Department in various fields beyond the core educational programs offered in Municipal kindergartens. The department is available to help with locating an appropriate kindergarten and the registration process. The department also runs the "Transition into Municipal kindergarten" group - a series of meetings preparing for the children's entrance to Municipal kindergartens. These meetings provide an opportunity for Olim parents to ask questions and to discuss dilemmas concerning the process.

Our Educational Guidance Counselors

The educational counselor works in three circles: the child, the family and the kindergarten system, with the goal is to integrate the child, personally and socially, in the kindergarten and with their age group environment. 

The educational counselor helps in providing the following:

  • Enhancing the Hebrew language in kindergartens during the day
  • A network of volunteers to provide Hebrew studies and social help in the mornings and in the afternoons in the kindergarten.
  • "Preparation for First Grade" parents group - a series of meetings: readiness for first grade, emotional maturity for school, information about the educational system.
  • A variety of lectures about bilingualism, child development at an early age, multiculturalism and more.
  • Assistance in finding psychological counselling services for preschoolers in need of psychological educational services
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